Sun Song Songtext

La Strada

von La Strada

Sun Song Songtext
Out into the sunlight
You got your cap on
You're feeling alright
You left your self-possessed night
You're twenty-one

Back in your father's garden
A hand reaches
through the fountain
You're not afraid
to open the door

You've woken from a deep sleep
You're walking down the road
There's so much to do
And the hills
They've turned a sudden blue
You look down
You've lifted off the ground

There's a photograph
In your room
Of a child
In full bloom
He's singing
A familiar tune
You're twenty-one.

And you're sailing over your native town
The morning bells are ringing
You see her in a gown
But your body's like red balloom
You keep on rising
You'll be in the sun soon

(Thanks to Ted Lattis for these lyrics)