Suburban Aristocrat Songtext

The Lavellas

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Suburban Aristocrat Songtext
Vs. 1:
Trial of lies, doesn't anyone ask why
Electrify yourself, it's time to taste fire,
It's time to say goodbye.
Child of five, will the soccer mom tell more lies?
Fifteen years down the road.
No wonder it was suicide, I wonder will they ever even recognize that
It's all one feeling gone wrong.
In linen white roses, we forget that love
Tells a song of who we are. And I don't know,
But I can't live in doubt that this is the end.
Trust yourself to tell no one and if it's not the same......
Vs. 2:
Now you can choose not to understand me
And I can choose not to care, but
Couldn't this mean anything and
Couldn't this be everything, it's
Time to taste fire, it's time to say goodbye.
It's all one feeling gone wrong.