Stuck Songtext
Searching through the streets
I found nothing but foolishness
I sought for the meaningful one
Now I'm gone...

So alone he was
Among the indifferent ones
In this stifling plane, to take a breath
He prayed to the winds
'Grant me wings to fly!'
They answered, they bellowed
So wicked, so tricky they are
Now I'm gone...

Satisfaction is fading away now,
Destruction fills all of the stage
Darkness shades all my way
Inspiration is no longer a memory
Shadows of emptiness awaits
Life is no longer the same now

Searching through the deep
Within my confused heart
I sought for the righteous one
With a soul, my how confused!

In this stifling plane , to take a breath
Within your notes, I seek your touch
Grab my hand and get me out
Cause I'm paralyzed, motionless
When you are gone