Stop The Hate Songtext
Hey, Adam, remember when we were real little and everything seemed so perfect like a fairy tale?

Yeah, little brother, but that was then, and this is now.

Read the story that I'm sure you've heard before,
Watch the signs come every day,
A turn of your back, it slips away.
See the vultures as they climb all over you,
In the blinking of an eye
Taken for granted, kiss me good-bye.

Make believe come true
I'll be protecting you
You're all I have

We're just wasting time
While we're running blind
Stop the Hate, before it's too late,
We're just losing time,
Seeing colorblind,
Stop the Hate. One more chance before we go.

I'm so sick and tired of your complaining,
Tie your hands behind your back,
With your eyes shut, we fade to black,
Their promises are lies
And smiles behind their lying eyes
Take your money for the cause
They crush you with their vicious jaws,
What happened to integrity? With me for you
And you for me

It's all a dream so kiss your life good-bye.

If wishes did come true I'd be protecting you
You're all I have

[Chorus x2]