Spring's first love Songtext


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Spring's first love Songtext
Spring, brings the worst love, Spring?s first love tryin to find words of

this love that I got for this girl

and this girl?s what I got, I?m stuffed up with luck and I?m stuffed up with love

and she?s stuffin it up and I can?t stop lockin it up I?ma never let it go down

cus I have it in my soul now, you is mine no doubt
cus the spring brought you my way, and if I may kindly say that you are drivin me lightly insane. Ain?t lyin, these rhymes I create are inspired and made by your eyes.

Chorus: Spring?s 1st love, spring?s 1st love

Yo we together fo sho, I?m never lettin go

So I?m letting ye know, it?s forever and mo (2x)

Right, it?s happiness enterin my life, and it can not be denied

Cus you?re bright and you?re pure as the light of the sun when it shines, right, nice. You appeard right outa the blue and you asked: ?can I get a lil kiss from you?? no hesitation took place as a gazed at your face

And this was the beginning of this spring?s first love, and now ye by my side

Makin it all right fo me to write about the things that I?d like to see, to have a right to be: u and me fresh like ice tea.


Now ye came with the spring, guidin the sun and when the winter might come

I?ma hold ye tight, cus u ain?t gonna run away to this place where ye came

from. What ye say hun?


Xx maxime