Spring2fall Songtext


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Spring2fall Songtext
Meh Tell Ya Bout De Man Dem
Dey Waan A Piece Ah Action
Fi Show Di Gal Dem Likkle Dutty Hot Plan
Puncture Dem Inna Di Middlesection
(Watch Dem Now Gurls)
& Let Mi Tell Ya Bout De Girls Dem
Dey Waan Ah Piece Ah Man Tall
Fi Mek Dem Climb De Wall
Dey Waan De Slam From Spring Till Fall
(Watch Dem Now Man)

Bwoy, When Yuh Need Ah Piece Ah Action
& Yuh Steady She Nah Ready
Fi Wind Up Di Spread
Now By Midnight Yuh Lef' It
Fi Go Find Ya Matey
& Yuh Steady Ah Go Hate It When Yuh Push It In Her Face, Cau
She Knows Dat Yuh Cheatin, Yuh Nah Gon' Rock Steady,
But She Nah Gon' Fret It, Cau She Know She Have It
A Man Round Di Corner Ah All Ah Wait Fi Cum Grap It
Its All A Dutty Habbit
Seh Each An' Every Man
Dey Miss A Likkle Don
Even Di Ugly One When Dem Find A Woman
& De Relationship's Strong
Tings Are All Ah Run
Soon Its Di Gyal Next Door Di Punk Ah Fantasize Pon


When It Comes To Woman
Me Must Get One
Me Nah Really Mind Which Part She Come From
From She Has Di Sense Fi Deal With A Man
But Ring Di Alarm If Mi Find A Tricky One
Because Yuh Haffi Thinkin:
One Will Just Haffi Get Man
Lipstick & Necklace Wit Nuff Ring Pon Dem Hand
Cum Up In Da Dance Like Dem Ah De Champion
& When Dem Ready Dem Cause A Bam Bam
After Di Gal Did John She Cum Mess Wit Clive
John Get Mad & Grap Him 45
Shots Buz Inna Di Dance
Man Ah Run Fi Dem Life
When Di Gyal Ah Leave Di Dance She Had A Next Man Ah Drive


Gyal, When Yuh Need A Likkle Care
& Yuh Man Is Not There Tonite
Him Out Some Where
& Yuh Nah Gon' Sit Here
By 7 Yuh Deh Pon Yuh Cellphone
& Chatty All Ah Try Finda Party
Get Stinky & Naughty
Pose Up Wit Yah Gyal Dem
Get Dem Man Swarming
Gyal, Check Fi Yuh Hearty
Yuh Man Ah Gon' Get Hurty
When Him Friends Ah All Splurt
When Him Gyal Ah Flirty Flirty
Yuh Know It Nuh Worth It
So Each An' Every Gyal
She Have A Little Need
Fi Flirt & Fi Cheat
But Most Gyal Nuh Do It
Cau Dem Know Di Final Feelings
Gets Bitter Sweet
Man Get Decieve
Gyal Out Pon De Street