Spray Painted Walls Songtext

Agnostic Front

von Get Loud!

Spray Painted Walls Songtext
We were young
Punked out
And drugged up
And we didn't
Give a fuck
We took no shit
From no one
Spray painted walls
Don't come inside
There's a change
You don't come out

We ran wild
In the ghettos
Of the East Side
We ruled the streets
With force intentions
We fought hard
For what we
Truly believed

We shout out!
No justice for us!
Spray painted
Our mark
On the walls
Outsiders remember
Where you are!

Spray painted walls
Don't come inside
There's a change
You don't come out

We took our chances
We sacrificed
Raising Hell
On the Lower East Side
The glory days of my life
It was a place and time
Danger if you crossed that line, go!

Another East Side story
The best times of my life
Bring it back
To the days of glory
Danger if you crossed that line

Another place and time