Speeding Songtext
Verse 1:
[The lights down?] as she waited home,
He never called her phone
He never picked her up
Just like he said he would,
And so she sent him other messages,
Asking straight what is this

Travelling and speeding
Friday evening, feelin'

Verse 2:
Black and blue against the wall,
The screamin is muted as we fall,
You never stick around, fadin' into your background,
Now this ish, it's out of the window oh

Chorus x 2

Verse 3:
With the rush (?) of all your childish games,
Remains as we're standing face to face,
For always playin that field my defence (...?),
Now this ish is out of the window,
And I...

Verse 1

Chorus x 4

(Dank an Elena für den Text)