Soul Burn Songtext
Uh, Sleeze
It's Big Sleeze
Talk my shit (PLURBS), Mula

Steppin' on the coke, lil' nigga, I just moonwalk (Work)
Got a red nose from sniffin' yay, call me Rudolph (Work)
Know you gotta tap in when you come to New York (Fuck outta here)
Rip a nigga face half off like a coupon (Boom, boom)
Bought my bitch a new ass then she got a boob job (Slide)
Got your woman crush Wednesday with me in a new loft (Slide)
All white carpet so you gotta take your shoes off (Mula)
Fuck the police, in they face I flicked a Newport (Fuck outta here)
Two ton of them bricks (Work), move some to get rich (Work)
Two guns in this bitch, shoot some in this bitch, who runnin' this bitch? (Sleezy)
Pop out with that Draco, pop out like a Eggo
Start choppin' that yayo (Work), nonstop on this payroll (Work), Glock drop, hot potato
Turnin' on the stove (Work), put it in a pot
Watch it burnin' up the bowl (Work), whip a half brick
Stirring up a whole, fiend (Work) suck a glass dick
Burnin' up your soul (Fuck outta here), yeah, my burner never cold (Boom)
Took a bunch of pennies and I turned it into gold (Mula)
I've been sellin' crack since I was 13 years old (Sleezy)
Murders on the low (Boom), serving on the low (Work)
Keep the stick with me, nigga, everywhere I go