Song Seller Songtext
This is just our little memo To remind you of my demo Put in the mail a week ago Haven't heard it on the radio CHORUS: Good mornin', song seller I suppose we've got it made You're such a charmin' fella Why can't you get this record played Record played, record played? Got 2 sways I stole from the Beatles Had 'em sewed on with-a magic needles Now I can play like George & Ringo Haven't heard it on the radio (chorus) Waitin' down for the Devil, ah I'm gonna make me a record deal I'm gonna need me a real big wheel Someone tell it to me, deal, now Makin' the time that's push & shovin' If you want me to, I'll sing about lovin' Sing about it fast, sing about it slow Wanna hear it on the radio (chorus)