Song In C Songtext
The clock hits 12 It's just as bad
As the day before and the day before that
I'm at a breaking point cause I dont know where i stand
Were you sweet or was it just your lips
Cause I'm sure as hell not eternal bliss
With a horror sense cmon your taking your best hits
But your lullabys have become nightmares to my ears

Cause ill stay on the florr cause you see
That you always step on me
But i can break you too
so ladadadada we'll all fall down

Well i dont know exactly where you want me to be
Now your the talk of the town
So lets just move to the beat
We can hit the dance floor and move our feet!
Cause i cant seem to take the pain away ladadadada

The clock on the wall with your appearence on glass
Reminds me of what you did in the past
But you know I gotta let this go
When she starts sleeping Ill start sleeping
And let the clock go on and on and on!

Your ghost stares far as the rest of my heart
Bleeds on you but your trying not to be
So far gone, But your out of luck

Cause we'll stay on the floor cause cant you see
That your endings based on me