So Beautiful Songtext

Peter Gunz

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So Beautiful Songtext
Tell me what would you do if you saw a girl
So fine, banging from left to right
It seems like the spotlight is on her tonight
Like a ribbon in the sky she caught my eye
And I know she's the one, the prize in everyone's eyes
She copped ? the girls who roll by

She's so beautiful, oh yeah
Up there on the dance floor
And I gotta let you know
That I'm digging you
Baby, I love the things you do
Don't stop till I get enough of you
Keep it moving, don't stop doing what you're doing

Body banging, hands swanging, I can't get enough
I'm thinking, can we get down in every hotel
From the Sheraton to the Placid Crown
? you and me
In the embassy, tell me, could it be, could it be
I make my way across the floor
Then say girl it's just the way
The way you look, you make other girls shook
The way you shake, you make other girls hate
The way you move, girl you can't lose
Let me get up on this dance floor and get to know you
The way you're dressed, such style and finesse
And you know you've been pimping my dear
I just had to let you know that you're so beautiful


She had all of the things I wanted to see
See she needs to be with me
And I know, and I know that she knows it, that she knows it

[Peter Gunz]
Uh, yo, yo, uh, uh
Many chicks tell me my style is terrific
Only mess with lames if the brains is prolific
Gunz, fire but I ice chicks good
Specially if they ? and they wax good wood
Seen her at the bar sipping Absolute
Another three or four of those, she at the back of the coup
She rapping the loot, but fuck 'em
And he don't want nothing
Told 'em the dogs come up at his face raw shut em

[Lord Tariq]
Yo, I came repeating Remi to express one thing
This idea we got a lot to change
Four point five on the neck and the rings
Paid dues with tax and why y'all keep the change
If it wasn't for the year, same player, same name
Lord, I make you famous in your present fame
However you want it, neck, ears, wrist, it's flooded
Cause it's nothing to the dogs, done here and done done it

[Chorus: x2]