Snapped Songtext
There I was, waiting for you
the time was right, the stars aligned, and nothing left to do,
you appeared, a spark in your eye,
said you gave it away and I hope we can say a clean \"goodbye.\"
So I cried, and sadly withdrew,
and though the months had come and gone, I only thought of you,
then we crossed on some crowded street...

You said, \"How do you do?\"
I said, \"No, I don't think so,
you've got to try harder than that.
As a matter of fact,
you've gone and left me snapped.\"

So it's true what they say about love.
It lives and breathes and skins your knees and
clouds the stars above.
Only you don't know what it's like
'cause you played with my heart, didn't think it would start a scene tonight.
You regret she wasn't the one,
you're someone new, you swear it's true,
and \"can't we just move on?\"
You're a fool to think I'd forget

You said, \"What can I do?\"
I said, \"Walk out the door, please,
and don't even think to look back.
You'll have time to react once I've dropped off the map...
It's as simple as that,
I've walked and left you snapped

(Thanks to Lena for these lyrics)