Set The Sail Songtext
Set the sail:Sailing on deep water on a foggy summers dayleaving all behind me don?t know where I?ll make my wayLying in the shadow underneat hthe foremast-treePlaying shanties on my bluesharp singing songs for you and meWe were loaded down with barley were were loaded down with ryeWell the parrot he looked down at me a twinkle in his eyeAnd teh skipper he come up on deck a spyglass in his handSurrounded by the open sea he couln?t spy the landPlay your harb so wild and freeWould you sit around the bunk and listen onto meYou feel high and you feel lowWould you play the harp again and let the music goSet the sail where-ever I goSet the sail where-ever I come fromSet the sail whenever I know where-ever I will goWell I know my song has lasted and my words are long enoughThe tune is interesting but the rhymes are mighty roughWell you wake up in the morning late at night you fell to groundDo not think about tomorrow let it go and come around