Serving Goffman Songtext


von Ugly Cherries

Serving Goffman Songtext
I used my favorite pen to draw outside the lines
Until the lines got blurry, the lines got blurry
I called my mom on the phone today
I told her not to worry, not to worry

I held my breath in a suit and a tie
Because I didn't know I could fight back
I want to put the whole world in drag
But I'm starting to realize it's already like that

Am I making a fool of myself?
Am I making a fool of myself?
Am I making a fool of myself?
I hope so, I sure hope so

It's so difficult to say what you mean
To find the right words and breathe in between
So I've been taking it slow
I found out people aren't that mean
But it, it still feels like they're laughing at me
When they're just saying "hello"

What's your favorite color?
Do you need to borrow my bike?
Do you have a lucky number?
Do you like the movies I like?