Senior and the Baby Songtext

Laura Barrett

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Senior and the Baby Songtext
I shouldn't have raised my eyebrows
Don't laugh

Say what you want
But like it or not
It's coming your way
Fourteen demerits on file
Pleased to mending hollow smiles
That bastard, Adam, so up and down
The clouds are parted
No sign of a solar eclipse
But will winter bring Apocalypse?
It has no no no no no no remorse
With an actor's practiced tone
It isn't no no no no any shade
Better reload the gun
Or run away

At the boxes or bags
And hide afraid

At last
The future
Upon us
What happened to this place?
New faces and a cozy hunt
A kiosk serves the restaurant
And before we're gathering dusts on where
If we could just flip past all gory prognosis
Of rain and earthly crime
You could look the monster in the eye
You've brought another human here to fight
With feelings real and synthesized
Time to make a move
From the shoulder
Other drivers fall asleep
They will never get to know
One another
Don't be lonely
End this variation to perceive
Only one martyr
Working harder
Dying young
Always a martyr
Working harder
Dying young