Screaming Eagles Songtext


von Mastercutor

Screaming Eagles Songtext
Screaming eagles everywhere
Wings of fire torch the air
Gods and ashes fall to earth
Mountains crash and seas do burn
Should we seek the soul of man
Look inside and touch the damned
Screaming - screaming eagles
Speeding through electrosonic space
Screaming - screaming eagles
Raising hell just for the doomsday race
Elemental enemies
Be prepared for what you'll see
Hearts of misery in the sand
Destiny you'll understand
Hold the sign, you'll be allowed
Step inside the mortal vows
Screaming - screaming eagles, ...
Subzero machination
Doomed and vandalised
Hell fury consternation
Retromanic eyes
Deadly constellation
Sonic laserlight
Alien sensation
The nightmare has arrived
On to battle - mesmerise
Massive forces tenderise
Dark intruder regiments
In control, it's your defence
Dare and spare another coin
Desperation you will join
Screaming - screaming eagles, ...