Salt water Songtext
Verse 1

Have you ever had the feeling that your just bottled up

Stuffed up, fucked by love and it?s all just too much

All these thoughts, still locked up and they can?t talk Dutch

It?s nuttin u can touch, no, it?s all inside, unites and becomes a grudge.
It?s gettin bigger and bigger

Makes u sicker than lickor

It?s a significant signal and shit it?s sinister.

Thoughts goin through ye head. Makes u shrink and shrivel

U thinkin where?s a pistol i?ma pull the fuckin trigger...

slit my wrist with a sickle

Get your head back together sickening

This feeling prevents u from breathing, greef is replacing the dreams that you?ve seen

U gotta let it all out, now i?m talkin gabout all these tears within you


Salt water, flowin down your face

Salt water, that?s what u taste when u open op the gates and ye let out the rage

Salt water, ye best mate for one day.

Salt water, flowin down your face

Salt water, that?s what u taste when u open up the gates and ye let ou the rage.

Salt water, now take off them shades.

Verse 2

And make place for the little drops of purity

No more gates, but the tears bring security during greef

Really believe me, the water can wash away the fury.

Stop resisting againts it, just cry like a baby

It?s what u may need ? salt water? it can taste sweet.

And offcourse it depends on what the case be but

When u feelin like me and u sinkin in thoughts way deep.

It?s conflicting shit and confusing, with a hidden sollution.

Man, just throw it all out, let it role right down

Clear ye head, space fo inspiration

Write it down, man if ye can write it down, try to bow.

Replace the greef for a smile combined with a cry.



Salt water flowin down ye face, salt water that's what ye taste (4x)

And that?s it!

All I wanna say: crying?s okay. It ain?t no disgrace.

The statements they make these days are misplaced.

And I?ma take this way, on this day, or this night.

And I might just cry til my eyes drown, choke, die

but I found flow right

and I might just cry till my eyes run dry

but I found flow right


Xx maxime