Sally Wheatley Songtext
Sally WheatleyNow I'm most depressed and sadwhere I once was blithe and glad,I could trip about the townboth trim and neatly,I was happy night and mornbut from all such joys I'm shorn,Since I fell so deep in lovewith Sally Wheatley.And it's oh dear me what am I gonna dae,Sally's stole away me heart completely,And I'll never get it backfor she gans withM r. Black,And they say he's goin' to marry Sally Wheatley.Now I never saw such a lassand I know she likes her glass,She could toss a pot of whiskey over neatly,Now it's right to take a dropwhen you know just when to stop,That was just the very way with Sally Wheatley.How I felt I didn't knawthe first time I Sally saw,In a threesome reelshe hopped about so neatly,Well I might've had a chanceif I'd asked her up to dance,But I was over shy to speakto Sally Wheatley.Now he must have made it rightwhen he took her home that night,'Cos after work dressed uphe goes to see her nightly,There's great danger in delayor I wouldn't be sad today,If I had my heart t'would breakfor Sally Wheatley.