Sacrifice Of Righteousness Songtext


von Tears Of A Leper

Sacrifice Of Righteousness Songtext
En el pasado, cuando el hombre vivía bajo la ley
Para recibir perdón por sus pecados, ofrecían sacrificio de animales a Dios
Algunos mataban y daban gloria a otros dioses

Others murdered and worshipped demons
Offering the animal blood
Everyday, all over the world
Human sacrifices are offered to Satan

The motive is to serve him and obtain power
But now it's not necessary to kill to receive forgiveness
Blood streamed from the wounds
Down over the cross where a mutilated body

Was nailed and hung
Draining the life from a righteous
And innocent man
Named Jesus

He is Jesus Christ, His sacrifice is for all

It was sufficient to demolish the sin
That existed between God and man
Giving His own life for us out of love

Showing this way that the death
Of Jesus was the biggest and most
Important sacrifice in history of humanity

Everyday the mercies of God are new
Because of the death of Christ

And now the glory is Christ's
Who was raised from the dead
And now is seated at the right
Hand of God