Routine Maintenance Songtext
All of us here under the same roof again
I'm sitting in your favorite chair
Playing with the fraying threads
I'm sleeping in Catherine's room
In a twin sized bed
She shares mine with Colin 'cause it's got more space for him
And Pop, she ain't in no shape, to take care of anything

So I'll bring him to school, and tell him that it's okay
I try to look half-put-together
So the teachers know he's safe
And I'm raking the leaves, I'm unclogging the drain
I'm trying to be someone you can count on for a change

Out in the garage, to the tune of the evening news
Mom needs her oil changed, it's six months overdue
And I spent those freezing nights, shaking out here with you
Holding the flashlight still, guess I learned a thing or two
And Colin seems interested, so I act like I'm good at this
So I pull out the plug and letting it drain
Trying to find the right filter to replace
And I'm doing the wash and touching up paint
I'm tryna be someone you can count on for a change

In the years since we spread your ashes
Sammy got traded to L.A. and then to Kansas
In the years since everything happened
I've been out looking for where the light went
I think I've found out where the light is
So I'm packing his lunch then I'm going to bed
I don't want to see how dark the night gets
And I'm shoveling snow
And I'm fixing the gate
I'm going to be someone you can count on for a change