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Right & Pure Songtext
These are just the moments I will not remember

But baby that's just you; a stone inside my shoe forever

And love don't often come so right & pure

You will break my heart a 1000 times now baby that's for sure

And I know it doesn't matter to you where I go or stay

I'm always better than the other ones 'cause

I am you and you are me

And I know now that I will do it all for you

And for the benefit of (y)our beloved ones

‘cause I am you and I'll still be you tomorrow

I hear ya read ya everywhere I see ya lately

You are all around me like thin air you are a liquid lady

There's people in the streets, prototypes of the busy city species
You are a million bodies and so you have a million faces

Your voice is in my head, I know I am in yours now somewhere

To think about you baby it works just like a drug for hours

And love don't often get much better than this

You'll break my heart I'm sure but still I'm gonna take the risk

And love don't often come so right & pure

Oh love don't often come so right & pure