Reptilian Songtext


von Cryptobeast

Reptilian Songtext
The endless summer-Heat of night
Along a desolate roadside
Through the shadows-The glow of red
For it's the eyes-of the lizard man

Backwater legends of a local tribe
Humanoid and prophecised
Serpentine malevolence
Beast of aggression and violence
Of Hades,swamps of Hell
Eyes of fire,teeth that kill
Stalking man,gouging metal
Hell spwan of Bishopsville

Reptilian (repeat 4 times)

Cold blooded hunger from the swampen gloom
To harvest blood below the southern moon
A hybrid beast of genetic mutation
A predator from an alien nation

A venomous creature from the sea
Or government conspiracy
Interdimensional magica
Is this El Chupacabra

Reptilian (repeat 4 times)