Reflections Songtext


von Ceito

Reflections Songtext
Just hoping to say the right words when this drop
My life is spoken word through hip hop, smoke some for the guard
You are witnessing something so crucial to mankind's history, at first it seems odd
But fuck it, I ain't been the same since the tide
I hide the tears from my mama, nigga, I swear to God
And when I get this money I'll blow it all on my squad
2080 Gang
See double public, you gotta love it, might throw a show for the public
And say fuck it 'cause the boys getting money now
We had it hard, we came from nothing, we writing lyrics on the bed
I was beating on a bucket like them boys from 87th
My bitch stayed up right for the riot
Young nigga, made it by train, I made it by iron in this game
Tell me no, I'm denying, I look at life by how the fuck you defy it and this, ma'

I'm back in the land and screaming Vincenzo
I'm walking Giuseppe and hustling since y'all
Inception, fuck perception, this could all be limbo
Or we a dream, oh, this is really the end zone
I mean I imagine it's different where all my friends go
We used to play Luigi's Magic on Nintendo
Now it's Benzos and a mansion and a four-car garages with the tinted windows
It's raining outside cats and dogs, word to Winslow
Should never judge a book by its cover or a hoe by her best friends' clothes
Or an album by an intro
And I never been flashing fam, I'd rather keep it simple
I mean I'm always in the land but I'm often in disguise
Fucking dirty ass policemen tryna drop a couple dimes
Just Gordon Levitt niggas, they be robbing on the side
'Cause down on 95 it went shotguns, snubs, tryna cop a couple pies
They be chasing my demise but it's success on the horizon
It's success on the horizon

Man, catch our vibe like we through them bitches
Who knew that young Calez Ceito had that Buddha vision?
Pervert my young hood niggas 'cause my true religion
My process is too efficient
Decipher love from when I knew resistance
Now I shine above from earth to us to whom a few existed
Saying Calez is not the shit, tell me who, I missed it
My life was great, throw the element for your existence
We talking major money, talking digits
We walking tall while y'all talking midgets
We want it all, why you barking, bitches?
Keep offering me slightly oppositions
I'm a wall 'cause it's all in distance
My nigga named it, his name is L's, first name is Calez
We here to change the game and well

Yeah, squad

Love like this before
You ever had a dream? I did
You ever seen an all-black six?
Backstage all-access
Until you credit card maxes
You ever seen some shit like this?
Ever been on a trip like this?
Spend money on a crib like this?
Hey, baby, girl, I'm serious