Recall Songtext
I wasn't looking for a savior when you first showed up
I was just hoping you would calm down once you were all grown up and
you were a little bit of terror, taken care of by six convicts in a castle by the park
you used to run away until dark, and only started coming back when we stopped chasing after
you spend most nights tucked into my legs like a flea bite
nuzzling my knees like a furry puzzle piece I
match my breathing to yours and let our snoring compete
by the time I wake up you're tangled in my feet.
if they didn't stink I would think it's kind of sweet -
the silent partner makes my ground floor complete.
and though I walk through the valley of shadows alone
I have a hard time believing you have valleys of your own
and that's the sickness of it all-
I really love you because you exist only for me,
the only one who listens and agrees at all times,
the only fine I pay is belly scratching