Rats And Gin Songtext
[Lyrics: Demon]

Concerned about your condition
I brought you something you can swallow
Eat, while I heal your wounds

Hope you're having some relief
I will leave you alone
My presence is disturbing you
I see your great effort for getting satisfied
Forgive me, I forgot to free your from the hooks and chains
Already incarnated in your body
Having sacrificed over much, I thank you understand the compromise
With my sprouts: The rats. They were starving too

The Worms in your wounds will be gone soon
They were there to stir the larvae away
I`ve observed they despise the putrid tissue

Hope you're having some relief

I`d like you to stay and have a drink with me
But I note you eager in go have some rest, so will I
Feel at home, I`ll let the gate open
Due to you are not physicly complete now,
You can use that rope if you need to crawl.
And these pair of gauses so you don`t have to return to clean.
Dry blood is harder to remove.

Ending daylight by tomorrow, I hope you`re here
And share the gin we left unpaid today