Rack City (Freestyle) Songtext

Honey Cocaine

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Rack City (Freestyle) Songtext
Schwag, four-one-six, bitch!

[Verse 1: Honey Cocaine]
Rack City Bitch, rack rack city bitch
Now put ya' money where ya' ass and ya' titties is
When you get 'em would you please show them idiots
Cause they lazy, we tell 'em get moving bro
So she can fuck with a boss or just move along
I ain't waiting for a second, that is too long
Ya' rap zero, swag zero, that is too wrong
Fuck, I'm too gone, gone than a bitch bro
Now that ain't nothing, hit ya' crib with a missile
Ya' jobs a shit hole,now I'm official
Shit I'm surprised that you bitches getting rick wrong
So be smart cause you might cause a war dude
And pussy listen, I ain't tryna pause a tour dude
But act stupid and I'mma give you your food
You gettin' fooled by the fucking couture shoes
Right? Mini militia, we the damn queens
We take it all, it's a love for the damn green, uh
I can't tell you who my gang seen
The cops looking at us like we just some damn teens

[Verse 2:]
Fuck, ion care for the rules
I'm swimming in the sights, ion share my jewels
Bitch, now you can get the fuck out my school
Ion fuck with a dude if he ain't got the fuel
Pardon my language, ya' say ya' shouldn't swear bro
I'm like fuck it, why you acting like a square fo'
Cousin Charley, he the gold peter pan yo'
Talk shit, I wouldn't dare if he's a scared bro
You a busy broad, hatin' on my fans kid
I tell ya' boyfriend, make me a sandwich
Shawty, me and the crew reaching planets
Tell me you don't know who ya' man wit'
Damn it