Proof I Exist Songtext

The Lavellas

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Proof I Exist Songtext
Vs. 1:
You fell but it wasn't up to you.
You're in debt to the IRS after giving
them half of your fucking check.
You followed laws, purchased insurance, risked your life as a United States citizen just to realize (that) only the rich cash in
Ritornello: (Chorus)
If this government supports humanity,
we don't need homeland security.
Try to renovate the House of foreign policy. As the story goes, people here once chose.
Now legislature assumes our role. The feds want to re-write the state laws that we decide, like marijuana in California.
Vs. 2:
Now we can talk about alcohol,
or say that drugs are the death of us all. Then cancer kills the one you love most of all.