Procrastinatrix Songtext

Lucy Knisley

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Procrastinatrix Songtext
should be drawing right now I'm such a jerk
but I get the most done when I should be working
maybe I'll check my e-mail one more time

out late last night I shouldn't have been
but I had some fun with a few of my friends
and now I'm up against a short deadline

now maybe it's the summer I need a vacation
just a little trip I could leave this place
and shed a little bit of responsibility

I could maybe go to Paris I could leave today
and dine a bottle of wine and Pad Thai
instead of this old macaroni and cheese

but Paris is out 'cause I'm too poor
it'll have to wait til I can afford it
won't be soon 'cause I can't get a job
that pays real well or at least all right
and doesn't keep me working all through the night
and I'm not making money as a part-time useless blob

I'll get to work but first I'm gonna write a little song
this sorta thing feels right but I know it's really wrong

think I'll do the dishes it'll only take an hour
and then I'll get to work or maybe take a shower
I'm sure I'm overestimating all I have to do
'cause it can't be that important in the grand old scheme
it always takes less time than it initially seems to
I don't really need to sleep tonight it's true.