Potato Famine Songtext

The Hysterics

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Potato Famine Songtext
yeah your love goes by and
now i'm ending last fits and
she seems so atlantic
yeah your love goes by

and i still remember father
i guess they'll be hom tonight
i'm talkin vibe sign the eyes watched
and i hoped it wouldnt end in spite
and i'll meet you on the corner
if you ever think we should collide
and we'll tear yeah we'll tear into the light

if she only knew
(yeah i) got it sewed up tight (no not quite)
the way your love goes by
and somebody's got the time time
yeah but she never gets it right
yeah your love goes by

and all i create is trouble
and all i produce is smoke
i'm talking dark rings the vibe sign
and i hoped that you had just misspoke
and i waited on the corner
but you took it to be a joke
i guess me i guess me i've got a heart full of dope
or hope

cause she knows for sure
how to turn turn it around
and it seems seems like nothing's new no
and you roll around
i think i might have to go again

and your eyes just give me trouble
they're the dark that makes up the night
i'm talking vibe sign the arms watched
and its then i get the most uptight
and i'll be still on the corner
if you ever want to reignite
and we'll go yeah we'll go through the night

and i'll do the mashed potato
yeah i'll do it outtasight!