Postcard From Mexico Songtext

Nashville Cast

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Postcard From Mexico Songtext
Verse 1

One day / I saw him walkin
On the street / We started talkin
Downtown / We started movin'
In the rain / Now we're groovin'
She smiled / Nothin' hurtin
So fine / The beads are workin
I knew / Honey honey
She'd be mine / Easy money

Verse 2

Full moon / I had a past
Red wine / a dark past
Hotel / I had a gun
Bad girl / A big gun
Room service / Hair trigger
I'm gettin nervous / I pull it
All night / hammer down
Silk sheets / lead bullets

Verse 3
Liquor store / I take the money
Easy score / Later, honey
Dumps the gun / In his lap
And takes off / he takes the rap
Hands up / In the night
I go to court / I win the fight
Got no / consideration
Guilty by / association
Love comes yeah, love goes
She's gone
To Mexico

Verse 4

Five years / I left him hangin
Jail cell / doors are bangin'
Every night / I dream about him
I know / Can't live without him
Right now / I gotta see him
She knows / I really need him
On the beach / by the water
That girl / the devil's daughter
I'm bustin' out, I gotta go
I got a card from Mexico
I sent a card from Mexico
A postcard from Mexico
A postcard from Mexico