Play It Safe Songtext
I've drawn my line in the sand. When you said that you'd be there for me, did you mean if you didn't have to put yourself out too much? Because your silence went unnoticed and that is just the point. I swear I gripped the edge of my seat so tight it splintered. In all my years I had never felt so lost, but I was always looking for a way out. And I sit here today and I weathered that storm but I watched you drift away with a life jacket in hand. It came to make or break, and you didn't do a thing. You just cowered away, and made sure you didn't get caught up in the waves. Well now it is my time to turn away, because my sky is clear and you're back around. You try and act the same, as it nothing ever changed. I'm so sick of counting on people like you, I'm not gonna set myself up for another fall. Friendship, what a fucking joke