Pinky Loves Cartoons Songtext


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Pinky Loves Cartoons Songtext
The blankets down
Damp grass runs between our toes
Snuggled in so tight
As the summer wind blows
There's just enough light to see your face
Through the moonlight beams
You smile and I'm lost forever

When you need me
Just remember our place in the skies blue seas
I'll always be there waiting for you

Chris whats gonna happen now?

Baby please dont worry I dont want to be alone
Wipe away those tears
Girl don't you know you're my everything
When I wake
You're the sun that opens up my eyes

And when I rest your the dream that leads me asleep
Whoa you must be a dream

Through all of my life
and the times spent you are the one to hold me close
and never let go