Pinch And Roll Songtext


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Pinch And Roll Songtext
so you think i've come alive?
got my head out on the outside
yeah i warned you like a brick
you know i'm sick
i move in time, i hear your face
it's all over the place
and everything i sing and do
fuck you

i hear you've got a brand new beau
i hear he's lovely - white as snow
he moves in time, he moves real nice
i swear to god that's my advice
i really miss the world, i stick it
momma taught me how to dance and pray
and i said, "okay"
and you make me feel like i was dead
maybe it's just in my head

i can never be the one
?i'll lay total arm?
yeah, i would never kiss your ass
i don't know where it's at
it really hurts in my mind
i'm really, really nice
i've gone blind, i'm missing teeth
i can't breathe
i'm a dirty old man who pissed on himself
crushing at a walk
scream at the world i've healed
yeah, i've healed