pigeons on the roof Songtext


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pigeons on the roof Songtext
i searched the corners of the sea
and drank them dry and it satisfied me.
they say its not what i need
but i don't care cause its worth it to me.

i search the wells,
i search the drains
but it never helps
to calm my brain
because i never find what i'm looking for
but its been so long i don't know what it is anymore
so leave me behind my closed doors where
i'll make time for myself to make time disappear.

you let the birds get at your eyes,
you put them first but its not a crime.
now that you're blindly pouring through street lights,
you cant seem to keep your eyes off the sky.

you search the trees,
you search the clouds
but it wont easy
the sounds

that have kept you far from your sleep,
you've been awake for so long its hard to dream
so we'll leave you to your shallow bed where
you wont have time to breathe, you wont have time to breathe,
You'll breathe when you're dead.