Picture Perfect Songtext

Lillian Axe

von Lillian Axe

Picture Perfect Songtext
Light the fire of love tonight
You know I've always had you in my sights
But I finally have the chance to love you
So picture perfect in the light of the stars
Played so close but I want so far
Got struck by the poison of Cupid's arrow

But tomorrow comes the sorrow
Like a story book
It only took one look
'cause last night it seemed
Like things were picture perfect

Want your sudden love every night
I dreamed you'd be, got to love you right
But I find it so hard to even approach you
As the stars find your lovely smile
Your fangs like devil were sharply filed
Got to question about your reputation


No longer love you like the way I did
I'll never be a fool like that again
It only took one night
To prove your precious point
Did you think that we could just be friends


Yeah, yeah, yeah, picture perfect
Hey, hey, hey, picture perfect
Last night it seemed
Like things were picture perfect