Piano Fun! Songtext
i see you, another star in the sky
a fake wave, fake smile, dazed look in your eyes.
sell yourself to a man who calls you his wife.
on the screen, on the scene
we're an audience to your life.
Piano Fun!
You're number one!
don't matter what you've done,
Piano Fun!
You can't take it, so you gotta take more.
breaking news, vreak your heart, they're calling you a whore
just a dream you had, a kid wishing on a star
they love you forever
til they know who you are.
Piano Fun!
You're number one!
straing at the sun,
Piano fun!

fading faster, hide inside your alabaster
do you know who you are?
With a gun in your hand you're a shooting star
and it's one for the money
two for the show
three to get ready now go cat, go!
Piano Fun!
You're number one!
Piano Fun!
Piano Fun!
whatcha gonna tell your son?