Peggy Gordon Songtext
Peggy GordonO Peggy Gordon, You are my darlingCome sit you down upon my kneeAnd tell to me the very reasonWhy I am slighted so by theeI am so deep in love that I can´t deny itMy heart lies smothered in my breastBut it´s not for you to let the world know itA troubled mind can find no restI leaned myself on a cask of whiskeyIt was my fancy, I do declareFor when I´m drinking, I´m always thinkingWishing Peggy Gordon was thereI wished I was in a lonesome valleyWhere womankind cannot be foundwhere all the birds do change their voicesAnd every moment a different soundI wish I was away in IngoFar away across the seaSailing over deepest watersWhere love nor care never trouble me