Number One With A Bullet Songtext

Fred Small

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Number One With A Bullet Songtext
If you want a VCR
You can buy it from Japan
If you want a fancy car
I recommend a German brand

And if you want to make sweet love
Take a trip to gay Paree
And if you want enlightenment
Go find a Bodi tree

But if you've got a trouble spot
That just won't fade away
Heads up, honey, you can spend your money
In the good ol' USA

We have guns, we will travel
We have a million ways to kill
We're number one with a bullet
We can therefore we will
Got to use it or we'll lose it
Paint the town red white and blue
Our demands are not negotiable
We're coming after you

If you want to have a healthy baby, Baby
It is smart to be a Swede
If you want to live past 80
Iceland is the land you need

Because the atmosphere is poison here
And the streets are caked with crack
My job just moved to Taiwan
And I'm sleeping in a shack

But every cloud will find a lining
Every dog will have its day
You cn pledge Allegence to the flag
Or we'll blow you away


The whole world used to laugh at us
They said we're none too bright
They blamed us for their problems
They said we can't do anything right

We ain't no brown nosers
Ain't no sissy teacher's pet
When we teach you a lesson
Boy, it ain't one you will forget

It's the new world order
You're the sickness, we're the cure
Our missles now are standing proud