Numb Songtext
Chorus 1:

“Incipe memoriam | Incipe abicere
Desiste ab memoria” | Let me go numb
“Omitte nunc dolores | Quid agis nihil moror
Retineri non possum” | Let me go numb

You were so good a liar
And I was so in love | That I invited in the pain
I had to learn with fire | After a flame is snuffed
Only the ashes still remain

Chorus 2:

Now that I fin'ly see you
As you are | Must I be forced to see you
In every scar?

Chorus 1

Practicing blackest magic
You cast a spell on me
That even today is hard to break
While it was turning tragic
Part of me stayed deceived
Part me clung to my mistake

Chorus 2 + Chorus 1


If I'm to survive | Make a new life
I need to become | Totally numb

2 x Chorus 2

Chorus 1