Nuclear Reactions To Tragic Text Messages Songtext

Unarmed For Victory

von And If You Don't Wake Up

Nuclear Reactions To Tragic Text Messages Songtext
My dearest, this moment is only an illusion.
A figment of imagination
Those clothes on your back is the poison kissing your skin
My fashion! Fashion!
The crowd is only a distraction of passion!
A useless reason to stay

I'm not everything you said I'd be,
Giving you every reason to think the worst of me
So take everything you thought you knew
And take everything you thought would be the truth

I had hoped you'd never see the wires tracing underneath my exterior,
Chasing hysteria

Look what I have done
Where have you been?
Oh so slowly,
We're giving in

Giving into a city that separates.
So dress your best, and get in bed
Tell the world your only second best

There is reason behind this silence
with a sickening obsession to be important,
When all that's done, is ruined lives

Now the obvious, it surrounds us
This won't work out