Not There Yet Songtext

Pardison Fontaine

von Under8ed

Not There Yet Songtext
Devin Cruise, Happy Holladay
Yeah, look, look

I paid a note for a car I don't drive, a crib I don't stay in
It's for my baby mama, I ain't trippin', I'm just sayin'
Before y'all come to me and ask for somethin' for free
Knowin' I got a kid? Y'all gotta be kiddin'
I sleep in the same bed I did when I was 12
I ain't complainin', I brought that on myself
I said, "I'ma struggle but I'ma grind
I'ma flex when it's time"
Sleep diagonal 'cause my feet hang off the edge every time
It's so much that y'all don't know about
Like all the things I go without
Shit that I see niggas with, I want, but I be holdin' out
I'm sittin' and I'm chillin', I'm workin' and I'm waitin'
It's crazy how you gotta be eager and still patient
You can't work a regular job 'cause locally, you famous
On top of all that, throw a baby in the equation
Is that your heartbeat? I can hear it, nigga
Welcome to my world, you scared, nigga?
Sometimes I think a lot, more times I drink a lot
Where I'm from, niggas take you out for shit they think you got
Bitch that you don't even like, kill you 'cause they think you Pac
Swear to God, I love my hood, but I don't even be hangin' out
Half the people cheerin' for you, other half don't care for you
Women used to curve me, now they ask, "Why I ain't hear from you?"
Everybody want a piece, they all need they share of you
Niggas doin' favors so they can bring up what they did for you
Nah, I don't need it, bro, but I see you, though
Fuck was niggas at when they repoed my vehicle?
I was out here stressed, I was down and vexed
I sent you a text, I guess you didn't see it, though
Feel like we almost there (Yeah), like this the final stretch (Ayy)
But at congratulations, save it, 'cause I'm not there yet (Naw)
I know that God's still got me, He ain't forgot me yet
But I'm still pushin', I'm still prayin', 'cause I'm not there yet (Paw)
I put that on this set, I put that on this set
We gon' be there soon but we not there yet
I say, "Thank you," to my angels, I know I've been blessed
But keep God in my steps, 'cause I'm not there yet, yeah