Not Minding, Loving Songtext

Bedford Drive

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Not Minding, Loving Songtext
i know i told you
if you'd go and leave me alone
i would die
but now you're gone and i'm standing
strumming and singing
i'm still alive
i know i've sung this same sad song before
a million times
can't decide if things took a turn
for the worse or the better
when you walked out my door

and i'm not running after
cause i think you'd just run faster

never want to sing another one
of those long gone love songs
where everything should have, could have
might have turned out but didn't work out right
never want to see another one
i'll stick with what i've got forever
never want to sing another long gone love gone wrong song

gonna put my tissue away
even though i miss you i'm wasting tears & breath
that would only dissipate before reaching
a destination of you

and i don't think i'd want it to
because i'm not out to come back to haunt you

spanning time not minding, loving