Nomadic Revery (all Around) Songtext

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

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Nomadic Revery (all Around) Songtext
today was one where, lost in thought
I really feel I am
losing not an ounce of what
you see in me, my lamb

if you're not with me tomorrow
that would be the worst
I'm glad I dream of what I dream of
today a thing was burst
o all around
o all around
it's kept together moving all around

my brain it beams, it's here at all
and living, I must work
to make our lives here justified
and not let trouble lurk

instead of seeing monkeys biting
I lay on the ground
while my hectic travelling partner
wandered all around


o all around a left buttock
and all around a right
all around your every curve
I'm going to go tonight
but only hold me, hold me
all the city's on me
and all their wish to scold me
and lay their hands upon me
so only hold me, hold me
and I'll return't you baby
I just need an evening
with someone nice to hide me

repeat chorus