No More Songtext
The market place was bustlying in the morning When the army and the ORDEN made their strike Like a farmer killing chickens for the market They cut down every living thing in sight. They tore into the wombs of the women The sunlight gleaming on their bayonets And the fishermen downstream, though they never heard the screams Hauled in a harvest of human carnage in their nets. CHORUS: Take down my name I ain't alone, I ain't ashamed And I say U.S.A. out of El Salvador! You can tell the Pentagon We want no more Vietnams We ain't marching into that jungle anymore. She left her home in Ohio far behind her She swore a sacred vow to help the poor With three sisters she was raped and slowly tortured Left in a shallow grave in El Salvador. A doctor, he would grieve at all the suffering He never asked his patient's party line But he saved a rebel's life--the death squad came at night Healing the sick his only crime. CHORUS Our taxes buy the bullets of the killers Our helicopters darken southern skies Our business wants new markets and cheap labor Our papers rush to print C.I.A. lies But take a message to the smiling politicians Who like to talk so tough and act so brave The rattling words of war, we've heard them all before And we will answer them with peace and joy and rage. CHORUS