No Limit Songtext
I have seen you in the morning diving into icy blue I have seen you rise and shiver till the sun has come to you You have seen me swimming naked where the riptide pulls across You have seen me going under, you have feared that I was lost We will take what we are given, we will take just what we need We will speak the words of comfort, we will heal the wounds that bleed We have seen the distant torches, we are breaking from the line We are listening to our heartbeats, we are right on time CHORUS: No limit these cliffs are wild and steep No limit these rocks move beneath our feet No limit we will sleep in the firelight I asked my sisters, they said we are shining, we are strong Neither you nor we can navigate this wilderness alone We are surrounded by the souls of those we love We are unbounded, we are here, we are enough I asked my brothers, they said we have wanted your embrace Your heart has been a fortress, your words a state of siege We will gather in the harvest with the strength of honest men We will speak in awkward wonder, we will weep, we will begin CHORUS: No limit no monkey on my back No limit no slipping through the cracks No limit no turning back no turning back Those who chafe under their bondage know these chains have many links Death is slender as a needle, it is cool as just one drink It is feeding on the silence, it is strong with hateful words It is massing on the border, it is a sudden flight of birds We will sing the songs of childhood, we will dance the steps unknown We will weave in blazing colors, we will let our terror show We will call out to each other at the hour of attack We are safe within our magic, we will turn the demon back CHORUS: No limit we are not what we seem No limit we fly in our dreams No limit we are brave and bright No limit we are sound and light No limit we are taking flight tonight.