No Haven Songtext


von Dissentient

No Haven Songtext
Splinters and fractured bones
Lest we left to rot, broken, beaten, with no hope
Drowning in a sea of sick, coughing up my lungs
Crippling loneliness
Is this what we’ve become?

Strings of my heart, now crafted and bound
Bled forth my soul and displayed in sound

Frozen core, crawling skin, plunging blades deep within
I feel fate sinking in, sanity, paper thin

Skin and bones, faint lips kiss
Bathing in the blood from our wrists

Decomposing from within, the pain is sinking in
Full of tarnished aspirations of what could have been
As I’m rotting to the core, I beg for fucking more
My heart craves for it like a fucking whore

Bury me deep
Execution, infatuation is long gone
Cover the steps; have we sought to end it all?

For miles I have searched yet I see no haven

You rid me of the air in my lungs when I need to…

Suffocating, under the weight you bear
No mercy has been shown
Making me want to break
Every last fucking bone, inside the body
Free me from this rage
You buried me deep