Niga El Hachalom Songtext


von First Collection

Niga El Hachalom Songtext

Ze avar ze nigmar
Ktze chalom vedai
Chol hazman shenashar
Bein etzbeotai

Ze avar ze nigmar
Letamid ulai
Ma'agal shenisgar
Venisharta chai

Nipagesh nitrae
Lev ohev eino to'e
Kmo el yam nizrom nizrom
Nevakesh ad shenagia
Veniga el hachalom


now its gone
now its passed
on the edge of a dream we linger..
the sands of time
have slipped between my fingers

now its gone
now its passed
forever, it appears..
a circle
that's been closed
and I'm still alive, still here

we shall meet
and see each other
for a loving heart can not go wrong
like rivers to the sea
we flow, we stream
strive till we arrive
to touch the dream.