Never Die Again Songtext

Night By Night

von NxN

Never Die Again Songtext
"Are you there?"
Transmission failure,
White noise.

"Are you there?"
Words into vapour,
No voice.
Vacant stare,
Skylines and silence,
Lifeless air,
So cold.

Hopeless prayer,
Meaning expired,
"Are you there?"

So bring me back to life,
Bring me back.

Something there:
Reach through the blankness,
Gasping air,
Breathing in, breathing out.

Cover face with shaking hands,
Struggling to understand.

Something there;
Still out there.

Now I awake,
And I'll never die again.

So bring me back to life,
Another chance to redefine,
I don't want to die again.
Bring me back to life,
A living shadow re-ignites
And I won't die again.

Through the glare,
Finding a foothold in my despair,
Looking down, looking down.
And the light that I follow,
For a sign of tomorrow,
Will flicker but it won't go out.