Nameless Songtext
Do you feel like live in a movie is it like what you saw on TV you go to all the right places with all
The right people and it's better than living with me
On your birthday they throw you a party and it feels like your own hall of fame nad your make-up's all right
So they love you tonight
But in the morning you still look the same to me

I remember walking away thinking oh no here we go again

Oh yeah I remember your face and I swear I still take it along but for now my dear
I think that you will remain nameless cause there's no point offending the innocent

I remember that day in the summer I think we met on the fourth of july and I still hear the rain as you got
On the plane I can still see the tears welling up in your eyes ain't it funny how things seem to change
Dear? I'm not the man that you thought I would be and so you wait up all night to continue a fight it's
Amazing I'm sane with the grief that you caused me

And I remember walking away thinking oh no here she goes again